Energy efficient house built with Solarcrete system

November 7, 2009

I would like to introduce you to Solarcrete energy efficient building system. Please watch this intro video of the Solarcrete energy efficient building system!

My Friend built he’s energy efficient house with Solarcrete’s insulated concrete composite wall system in 1994.
This system was developed in the ’70’s and has been used and under continuous development. The new economy situation and awareness in energy efficient house construction and design have focus on Solarcrete energy efficient building system.

What is the Solarcrete energy efficient building system?

* Insulating nominal for R-36. Wall begin below the frost line! – No energy gap.

* Steel rod reinforcing cage – System using reinforced Polystyren as a building shell.

* Continuonis wall from footing to top plate.

* Patented plastic wallties – NO thermal bridging

* Min. 2 3/8” concrete ‘Shotcrete’ on both side.

* Excellent load bearing capacity

* Fire resistance – 2 Hrs fire rating

-Low smoke spread

-Lower insurance rates.

Solarcrete energy efficient building system:Highly Energy Efficiency

Imagine living in a building that can save from 50%  or sometimes even more in heating and cooling costs! It’s happening now, in Solarcrete buildings. There are two reasons. First, the Solarcrete wall consists of polystyrene (a superior insulant that’s impervious to moisture) sandwiched between two thicknesses of concrete. Together, these yield a standard R-value of 36. Second, the Solarcrete System allows the polystyrene insulation panels to meet flush, unlike conventional walls in which wood or steel studs create “energy gaps” by separating the insulation. Finally, the completed Solarcrete structure becomes a highly efficient “energy trap” within which a conventional heating and cooling system can operate at minimal costs.

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